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Welcome to my new blog


Hello to you all and thanks for coming.

As a Mental Health Therapist and the owner of a cleaning and organising company, I understand the link between a clear home/life and a clear mind, and it's a massive one.

When our homes, cars, purses or workspaces are not clean or organised and tidy this clutters our minds, and I find hinders our thought processes making them scattered. We are unsure where things are, order is confused, there is an unclear path and focus. Overall you may find yourself on the very verge of chaos.

But what about when everything is too clean and too organised, can this be a problem? In short, it is a problem if it is one for you. Are you compelled to clean? Is it consuming your mind? Does it cause you anguish and disrupt your life? There is a line, and it's an individual one.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss anything, I am a licenced mental health Therapist as well as a fellow human.